Friends- People said it could not happen here. They are wrong. Our country teeters on the brink of fascism.  If we are to remain free we must fight. We must speak out, demonstrate, protest and engage in non-violent civil disobedience. That is our right and our duty. We must stop Trump and his fascist supporters […]Continue reading

Friends- There are those that argue that Confederate symbols should be allowed and respected. They make compelling arguments. No doubt the Civil War was an American experience and the Confederacy was part of that experience. We should not whitewash our history to be PC.   Confederate symbols and history have their place in our museums, and […]Continue reading

Friends -The glorification of the South’s heroes is a perpetuation of the myth of white supremacy. Vile racists lean on ” the need to preserve the cultural significance of our Confederate States”. Thin code for white supremacists.  You go to any rally of bigots and you will see “Ole Dixie”. Check out the vast array of […]Continue reading

Imagine this:- It is during the campaign.  -Clinton’s daughter is invited to meet with an Iranian lawyer representing the Iranian govt -The Iranian lawyer claims to have dirt on Trump, – Clinton’s daughter and two high ranking Clinton staff members meet with the Iranian lawyer – There are other Iranians representing the Iranian govt, Who […]Continue reading

Friends  Trump publicly encouraged Russia, our enemy, to release 30,000 hacked emails in an effort to impact the outcome of his our national election. On National TV, Trump openly encouraged our enemy to interfere with our elections.  Under 18 USC 2381, whoever, owing allegiance to the United States levies war against the United States or […]Continue reading

Trump bragged at his bizarre Cabinet meeting about his completely fictional accomplishments. Here is what Trump has actually done since becoming President:Trump has attacked the truth,  our Constitution, our basic values, our history, our sense of common decency, any chance of intelligent discourse, our unity, women’s rights, our free press, our allies, our commitments, our […]Continue reading

Friends – Despite the 15 Harris County Criminal Courts’ determined efforts to derail justice, The Honorable Lee Rosenthal’s Order will stand. The 15 Harris County Criminal Court  judges can go to trial if they want, but for now they WILL grant PR BONDS. Poor people will get out, they will not burn down the city, and […]Continue reading