Friends -A friend posed the question: Where are the Tea party Republicans? Where are these self-proclaimed patriots? Where is their outrage over Trump?  Why aren’t Tea Party Republicans speaking out, Against Trumps proposed tax increases? Against Trumps cozying up with our longtime enemy, Russia? Against Trump stupidly releasing our allies intel to the Russians? Against […]Continue reading

Friends- Small men do small things and think they are great. Great men do great things and think they are small. Our state, like our nation, is currently under the control of the smallest of men.  The Texas Senate wastes its time protecting us from the transgender community. The transgender community poses no threat and […]Continue reading

Friends- Federal District Judge Lee Rosenthal ordered that the County immediately start granting PR bonds. The County Criminal Court Judges, ignoring the public good, appealed Judge Rosenthal’s order. Predictably, the Fifth Circuit has stayed Judge Rosenthal’s order.  So for now , Harris County Criminal Courts can continue their longstanding systematic denial of Pr bonds. 15/16 […]Continue reading

Friends-  Trump fired Comey, head of the FBI, offering  absurdly false reasons.Trump now intends to put a Trump loyalist puppet  in as the head of the FBI. This transparent attempt to derail the Trump/Russia Collusion/Treason Investigation won’t work. In firing Comey, Trump showed his basic lack of understanding of how federal criminal investigations work. Firing […]Continue reading

Friends Harris County Criminal Justice officials have recently announced the coming of some long over-due reforms. They have been more than a little vague on what those reforms will be.  Da Devon Anderson has announced one reform, plans for more diversions; an outcome where low risk offenders are kept out of jail and given a […]Continue reading

Dear Friends- Many people have said that Donald Trump is a fascist or he reminds them of Hitler. This is no accident. In fact, Trump demonstrably is a fascist. As Trump is a fascist, quite naturally he reminds people of Hitler. Italian writer Umberto Eco wrote the essay “Eternal Fascism: Fourteen Ways of Looking at […]Continue reading