There once was a man named Trump, What a giant slob and lump. Bold he ran for President, His skills never evident. A racist he was for sure, He used his hate as a lure. The Nazis answered his yell, They rose again straight from hell. And the Klan was very proud, One of theirs […]Continue reading

Friends Harris County Criminal Justice officials have recently announced the coming of some long over-due reforms. They have been more than a little vague on what those reforms will be.  Da Devon Anderson has announced one reform, plans for more diversions; an outcome where low risk offenders are kept out of jail and given a […]Continue reading

Dear Friends- Many people have said that Donald Trump is a fascist or he reminds them of Hitler. This is no accident. In fact, Trump demonstrably is a fascist. As Trump is a fascist, quite naturally he reminds people of Hitler. Italian writer Umberto Eco wrote the essay “Eternal Fascism: Fourteen Ways of Looking at […]Continue reading

Friends-  Trump’s personal attacks have descended yet another notch. Today he criticized the size of Rubio’s ears.  Trump’s mass appeal to America’s idiots continues unabated. At times it seems he may actually make it all the way. He is a very dangerous man and not to be underestimated. Still, I am hopeful Trump will fail.  […]Continue reading

Friends- Under ordinary circumstances  nobody would ever notice Chino Valley, Arizona. Recently, Mayor Chris Marley and his lockstep city council and townspeople gave us all cause to notice this Bastion of Religious stupidity and intolerance.  The mayor delivered an invocation at the beginning of the council meeting. During the invocation he prayed in his savior, […]Continue reading

Friends-  When HCSO Deputy Goforth was killed the Sheriff & the DA connected the killing to the Black Lives Matter Movement. They blamed the Movement’s supporters for motivating the murder. They scolded the public that Blue Lives mattered and All Lives Mattered! The grief of all law enforcement was understandable. But the Sheriff and the DA were […]Continue reading

Friends-The political pandering to the far right religious fanatics continues unabated. The press reports that Texas Governor Greg  Abbott now supports the display of religious crosses on Texas law enforcement vehicles. Welcome to the Theocratic State of Texas. Did this guy skip school when they taught us about separation of church and state? Rather than […]Continue reading

Friends- In my opinion the Michael Morton Act is the single most defense-oriented legislation in the last 30 years. If you are familiar with the history of the legislation than you know Brandon Dudley. You know as the legislative aid to Senator Rodney Ellis, Brandon Dudley spearheaded the MMA. You also know we would likely […]Continue reading