2-23-18 Friends The truth is undeniable. For years Harris County’s judiciary systematically denied PR bonds to the poor on Misdemeanor and Felony cases. Now that the truth is finally coming out, we hear the judges’ excuses for their abusive policies. The Harris County Judiciary has no good excuse. Their bad excuses are shocking, immoral and […]Continue reading

2-2-18 Trump- You continue to have people like Nunes throw mud. The latest mud comes in the form of the much ballyhooed misleading Nunes Memo. Just keep it up. Your desperate attempts to distract continue to serve to highlight your extraordinary fear of the truth. Trump, Why are you so afraid of the truth? I […]Continue reading

1-5-18 Friends For some time people have begun to seriously question whether President Trump’s Administration has characteristics that resemble those of a fascist government. In 1995, Italian Writer Umberto Eco, penned a know well-regarded essay on fascism. Eco identified 14 basic characteristics of fascism. ( http://www.openculture.com/2016/11/umberto-eco-makes-a-list-of-the-14-common-features-of-fascism.html) The Greatest Generation fought and defeated the fascists. We […]Continue reading

Friends-  This week I worked with good cops. They were honorable men and women doing their best to help our community. They are what cops should aspire to be. Salt Lake City Detective Jeff Payne is not a good cop. In fact, he is a complete and utter disgrace to his badge, his uniform and […]Continue reading