Being White is no Achievement 

Friends -The glorification of the South’s heroes is a perpetuation of the myth of white supremacy. Vile racists lean on ” the need to preserve the cultural significance of our Confederate States”. Thin code for white supremacists. 

You go to any rally of bigots and you will see “Ole Dixie”. Check out the vast array of bumper stickers wherein white people from lower socioeconomic groups proudly assert their white supremacy. 

Being white makes no one superior to anyone else. But for a lot of white people from lower socioeconomic groups, being white is all the world has ever given them to brag on. Being born white is not exactly an achievement.

Robb Fickman, Houston 

About Robert Fickman

Robert Fickman is a criminal defense attorney with 33 years experience in defending the citizen accused in both state and federal court. He is a past president of HCCLA and remains active in its mission.

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